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Special Shows that aren’t EVE Podcasts, but have done episodes about EVE Online.

Videocasts These are the Twitch feeds, or any other type of video castings related to EVE Online.

Know of any podcast or videocast that we missed? Drop us a line at chyph3r (at) gmail (dot) com

Clone Vat Bay

All podcasts in a game die eventually. This is our version of respectfully showing the time and production value given by the respected shows. Each show is given a proper clone vat bay. In which they can rise again, if they put out something new so these lists we have are always being checked and updated! So watch for returns of these shows via the front page of the site! Enjoy!

Inactive Podcasts

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  1. Hey, this seems like a really great resource for Eve related listening. One thing that bothers me is the lack of Eve podcasts being added to Stitcher. My understanding is that it is really easy to get it set up and on Stitchers list and it makes it easy for a guy like me to listen to episodes.
    I know Fly Reckless and Lost in Eve already have a presence on Stitcher, and I want to encourage any podcast producers to consider adding their shows too.

    1. I have looked into this, as you may know I do Podside. But I haven’t found any information on how well Stitcher is performing against iTunes to add our show to it. If you know were I can get that information about them that would be great, I just wish I could find it.

  2. Firstly, thanks Chris for coming by and posting.

    The activity level is based on if they have had a podcast out in the resent past, i.e. last couple of months we verify them every so often and they either fall in active or non active podcasts. As far as reviews, we prefer that we don’t do that so that each podcast can have a chance of being listened too, reviews tend to send people to the higher ranked ones while the lower ranked ones don’t get the traffic. We would like the people who come here to take a listen to them all and figure out which ones that they want to listen to with out a bias from us. But the comment area would be a nice idea and we will look into that!


    1. Tom,
      Your very welcome! Placid and I came up with the idea after an episode of Podside in the after show talk. Next thing I know the sites registered and he shoots me the info to start working on it! lol

  3. Hey,

    Just listened to the Daily Roam 5 it was awesome once you guys got up and running. I almost closed it though because in the beginning you guys were talking about ganking mission runners as if it were PvP. I was glad I continued to listen because your discussion became good.

    Just a tip though you may not want to talk about your ganking of carebears in a PvP context as if it takes skill, because it sounds dumb. People want to hear about fights they can learn from.

    But other than the gank talk good podcast!

    1. Hey mate thanks for listening to at least one of the podcasts we list here. But if you want to comment on a particular show. I recommend you do it on their site. I know that they don’t have a comment area but a lot of them do.

    1. Unfortunately, Those two egomaniacs don’t have a separate rss feed for their podcasts. So there really isn’t much we can do about it on our side. I guess your going to have to play Russian roulette with their feed my friend.

        1. I was gonna say after replying to you I did a massive google search for it and found the same thing. =]

          I have changed it on the yahoo pipes and should be only podcasts within 24 to 48 hrs.

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