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What to do??


I logged into my Yahoo! account that holds the RSS feed for this site. Well this is what I found.

Thank you for using Yahoo Pipes! To help focus our efforts on core Yahoo product experiences, users will no longer be able to create new Pipes starting August 30th 2015. The service will be put in read-only mode until we will discontinue Yahoo Pipes on September 30th 2015. You can find more details here.

Unless I can find a alternative pipe system, after Sept 30th, 2015 the RSS feed of everyone’s podcast will be gone. However the website will remain up and running, still listing links. I hope to find something like Yahoo! Pipes to continue the RSS feed.





I have moved all the RSS fed shows into a new combiner, and it seems to be working well! If your subscribed to the FeedBurner feed your all set! I have completely eliminated the fucked up at times Yahoo! Pipes from this site and everything else I have used it for! Once again thanks for using RSS Feed and visiting our Friends!



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Drama Llama Rears its Ugly head.


I stood up and sucked in my pride and allowed a podcast onto this site. Disregarding his past, his problems with others in what we call the EVE Online Media. After today’s attack on a man I call a friend, about his blindness, I have removed his podcast from the list. As he has taken things to far. Would you like to read what he said visit his Twitter.

Like I said previously and Mike Azariah commented on the Sat. Jan.31,2015 Podside (@ about the 2hr mark), that I had done a good thing by letting him and his show be a part of this site. Well after this last lack of his ability of biting his tongue, I have removed him and his show completely from this site. He is no longer going to gain from my generosity. His personal attack on my friend is uncalled for and bad for the community as a whole. This level of “Podcast PVP” is just uncalled for and thus I feel and I am sure many other will as well he doesn’t deserve the publicity that this site can give him.

Needless to say Tyrant Scorn and his Podcast are no longer welcome on here. The Drama Llama has spoken.

: The problem has been dealt with, Tyrant did the manly thing and apologized for his indiscretion in words and apologized publicly. I consider this matter closed and Legacy of a Capsuleer is back on the lists!

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Eve Online Pod Pack Lives

With the drama of Arydanika leaving the EVE Online community, questions arose about what would be done with the pod pack that she was heading up. Well being the next largest updated site with ALL EVE Online related podcasts, naturally I told Placid we would be taking it over. Well he said he would do something with making a new feed.

Well that didn’t happen with his RL schedule. So I went to work looking at Dani’s pipe setup. I found out you can copy it to your own yahoo account. As you can guess I did just that. Fooling around with it I found broken links, podcasts that weren’t on the list, etc. I fixed most of the issues, then saved it. Beta tested the feed for oh 2 hrs. Then tweeted that I had successfully updated and moved the “pod pack” to our site here.







I have updated it to feedburner so its easier to acquire! You can find the new pod pack list on the front page of the site!

Enjoy! And remember if you know of any more new podcasts that pop up let us know!




Eve Online Ultimate Podcast RSS Feed

↑ Grab this Headline Animator

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Arydanika leaves the EVE Online Community in a bit of Drama.


Like the title says Arydanika (@arydanika) left the community yesterday after this posting:



Inside information about her fansite from an unnamed CCP source said that it was a clerical mistake and was being rectified. As it also happened to other authorized fansite people. But I guess that won’t be necessary now.



She went on to say this on twitter:









Well we are speculating that it will kill the Eve Pod Pack and the Voices From The Void podcast one of the longer running concurrent podcasts in Eve Online.

When I tweeted that I would gladly take the over the Pod Pack, and Zionshad responded about it we got this in return.


She didnt reply to my request on how I look bad for wanting to keep the legacy of the Eve Pod Pack. So the “Queen” of EVE Online has removed her crown. What hole will this create and will Xander Phoena be able to wear the crown and effectively reign as the new “Queen” of EVE Online podcasts as Dani did?



This is a nice screen shot of Dani saying goodbye on the VFTV website.








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Jade says Lost In Eve is Done

So I was checking our list here verifying that the podcasts were somewhat active and still kicking and found this on the Lost in Eve – Episode 85 – The Final Goodbye. To my and probably a lot of listeners dismay Jadecougar, also known simply as Jade, is actually ending the long run of Lost In Eve. So I logged into the game looking for Jade in the Lost in Eve Podcast chat channel, to no avail I couldn’t find him to get a more personal in depth perspective. But the MOTD was:

EVE System > Channel MOTD: May 10th, 2013 Lost in Eve podcast is closed for good.Thank you so much for your support for this podcast

It seems that Jade needs to focus more on real life and his Alliance in game, Li3 Federation. In the final podcast he really clarifies the who, whats, whens, wheres, and whys he had come to this decision. So take a listen as we lose one of the great podcasts the Eve Community has had!

Listen to the finale show here – Note will start playing in a new window.

Thanks to Jade, Jayne, and Rundel for the hours of entertainment that they did provide us! ~even the 6hr shows I did with them on the 2012 Fanfest coverage! ~


Something I feel the need to clarify still is that the motivator behind this move is real life changes and the pressure on finances. Lost in Eve podcasts are publicly hosted and that has a monthly cost. That, along with keeping 5 EVE accounts results in quite an expense, which is one of the reasons some changes needed to be made. This (I feel) wasn’t pressed enough in my unrehearsed speech.

Lastly, I want to thank CCP for making such an amazing game that it’s pulling me in more now that I’ve found one of the most intriguing aspects of the game (Null Sec). This has caught my attention so much that I need to focus more on that, whilst scaling down some costs until things change for the better in real life.

To all the great people I’ve been able to meet and interview, it’s been an amazing ride! You each have contributed to my love for the game and for that, I thank you.



After talking with FRFRMPUKIN from S8Radio, I have found out that they will be hosting and running the archive of all the Lost In Eve podcasts so as they are not lost like so many podcasts before it that have faded only into memories!

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