Jade says Lost In Eve is Done

So I was checking our list here verifying that the podcasts were somewhat active and still kicking and found this on the Lost in Eve – Episode 85 – The Final Goodbye. To my and probably a lot of listeners dismay Jadecougar, also known simply as Jade, is actually ending the long run of Lost In Eve. So I logged into the game looking for Jade in the Lost in Eve Podcast chat channel, to no avail I couldn’t find him to get a more personal in depth perspective. But the MOTD was:

EVE System > Channel MOTD: May 10th, 2013 Lost in Eve podcast is closed for good.Thank you so much for your support for this podcast

It seems that Jade needs to focus more on real life and his Alliance in game, Li3 Federation. In the final podcast he really clarifies the who, whats, whens, wheres, and whys he had come to this decision. So take a listen as we lose one of the great podcasts the Eve Community has had!

Listen to the finale show here – Note will start playing in a new window.

Thanks to Jade, Jayne, and Rundel for the hours of entertainment that they did provide us! ~even the 6hr shows I did with them on the 2012 Fanfest coverage! ~


Something I feel the need to clarify still is that the motivator behind this move is real life changes and the pressure on finances. Lost in Eve podcasts are publicly hosted and that has a monthly cost. That, along with keeping 5 EVE accounts results in quite an expense, which is one of the reasons some changes needed to be made. This (I feel) wasn’t pressed enough in my unrehearsed speech.

Lastly, I want to thank CCP for making such an amazing game that it’s pulling me in more now that I’ve found one of the most intriguing aspects of the game (Null Sec). This has caught my attention so much that I need to focus more on that, whilst scaling down some costs until things change for the better in real life.

To all the great people I’ve been able to meet and interview, it’s been an amazing ride! You each have contributed to my love for the game and for that, I thank you.



After talking with FRFRMPUKIN from S8Radio, I have found out that they will be hosting and running the archive of all the Lost In Eve podcasts so as they are not lost like so many podcasts before it that have faded only into memories!

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