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Lesson #1


Its been said that the podcast industry is the largest growing media source in the world. With podcasts representing everything from agriculture to zoology, some of these podcasts become really popular due to the hosts’ creativity. Furthermore, success depends on proper planning, production, and publishing. In this episode of Podcasting 101, we’ll discuss these three core topics.


This is the most important part of the podcast for it to be successful. It gets your ideas about subject matter. The most successful podcasts stick to a certain subject matter. Since we are based on EVE Online you already have your subject matter, but you can specialize into faction warfare, industry, PVP, PVE, and even how i dare say role play. You can also cover a little bit of everything which EVE Online podcasts seems to do a lot.

Now you need to write down a list of what you have decided on and make your points concise and meaningful. Keep your subject matter to something your familiar with, you want to try to keep the attention of your audience, also you want them to come back and listen to the next episode. Its been shown that 25% of all listeners will hear programs back to back.

Podcast’s don’t need to be long, vary your times in with the subject matter.  Some podcasts are as short as 10 minutes. Why drag something out that doesn’t need to be. Like I said earlier you want to keep your listeners coming back for more!

Stick to your plan. Thats the hardest thing to do. Just look at Podside. lol We are all over the place there.


At the least your going to need a computer, headset with or with out a mic, and if your headset doesn’t have one get a USB or one that fits into your sound card jack.

My recommendations are any high-end mic/headset kit. Now I use a USB mic and DJ headset. My kit includes Sennheiser©’s HD 280 PRO headset and an M-Audio® Producer USB Microphone. But I would recommend using what ever high-end gaming headset/mic kit you have now. I have been playing in the DJ/Podcast/Terrestrial radio and TV worlds for a while now.

The podcast content itself is recorded using the computer’s sound card directly into the hard disk in most cases, so the microphone and sound card are critically important.

If your doing a solo podcast go ahead and just use a free recording software such as Audacity® its an open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds.

If your not going solo and working with a partner or partners, I recommend Skype© with Pamela as a plugin recorder. The Professional package as I found out its the best out of all of the packages that they offer. Its only $34.86, so lets say 35 bucks out the door. An alternative for recording is the Pretty May software, which is a little bit cheaper at $24.99 and $29.99.

The finished product should be saved and encoded into a mp3 format, its the standard for all podcasts. You may need to search the web to learn a little about bit rates, as they effect overall quality sound and the size of your podcast mp3. *Tip once you find the right bit rate save it on a sticky note and put it somewhere you will see it during your production sessions and use it every time you record.


Before you go and publish your podcast your going to need a website and host. I have seen people use “bare bones” package for 5$ a month, but if your podcast takes off they will make you pick a higher package. Look for something with unlimited bandwidth, because a ton of downloads can kill your host lol.

Create a place on the server with your FTP client to upload your podcast mp3. From there the next part will get you published.

Software on the website, go with WordPress and there are a few different plugin programs that do all the necessary feed requirements for iTunes and Zune now XBOX Music. Also WordPress has tons of *free* themes you can use to customize your website. I used Blubrry PowerPress as my plugin. I like the way it works more so than others on the web. Blubrry is free so you have to love that! Also another way to get your cast out there is with Feedburner! You will need a Google email to use this service, they are both free of course! Or you may consider an all in one site host like but whats the fun in that?

Next is getting it out there to the EVE public! Put a forum post on the My EVE section of the EVE O forums. Then tweet your ass off about it on Twitter use the hash tags #tweetfleet and #eveonline to be seen the most! If your doing any coverage of DUST 514 try the hash tag #dust514. That should get at least a few hundred listenters to glance at your show!

Well that’s all I have got for ya on Lesson #1 of Podcasting 101. We will put out more info on podcasting in the next few weeks.

Rob aka ChYph3r


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