The coolest thing in EVE Online ever! Tags for Security Status


Ok, so my miner ganking in empire got me some rather nasty sec status, i.e. a -5.3. So Harrigan Vonstudly, my bro in arms, told me about how to do the exchange of tags for sec status because he had done it earlier in the week. At first, I couldn’t believe that he went from a -7 something to a -1.7 without ratting because that’s how I have been doing it since oh 2005ish. I really didnt want to grind out hitting a battleship in a belt in each of the systems around VFK-IV, because that takes forever and is a pain in the ass with neuts, oranges, and of course reds always running amuk in the area. Harri linked me this dev web page: by CCP Masterplan.

For those who don’t like scrolling, here’s the five-line summary:

We are adding some new pirate NPCs (non-player characters)
These NPCs will only appear in asteroid belts in low-security space
When killed, these new NPCs will drop a new type of pirate tag
These new pirate tags can be taken to a CONCORD station (in low-sec space) and turned in at the new ‘Security Office’ station service
Turning in one of these tags will raise the security status of your character

To find one of these “CONCORD Security Office’s” you only have to click on your F10, which opens your in game map, then under Star Map, Stars, find the Services folder and click on Security Offices and it will show you on your map were the closest one to you is!

This is a illustration of what tags you will need to start your sec status change:

So I shot down to Jan and on the way bought some tags, which are rather pricey in some stations. I got docked up down there and clicked on the Concord bootan, and it asked me how far I wanted my sec status dropped. I literally took -5 sec status off my sec status. All in all it was rather pricey close to 400MIL in tags and Concord fees but man is it nice not to be flashy red to every Tom, Dick and Harry in EVE Online. Big time props to Harri for showing me a new way to rid myself of a shitty security status!

secstatusafter Before

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