Definition of the Week!

Dictionary_IconWe are going to define some of the words here that the podcaster’s use on a semi regular basis. Enjoy!

Rundling – Rund•ling –
1.A Rundling or place village is a primitive form of circular village, typical of Slav settlements in Europe in the Early Medieval period.

2. In the Eve Online Podcasting world it means going on and on and on and on and on with no coherent direction. Kind of like a TL;DR but in your ears. Listen to Lost in Eve or Podside (early episodes) to see what we mean. Term created specially for Rundle Allnighter from the Lost In Eve podcast.

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  1. […] what FrFrmPukin from MPX says, CCP doesn’t have any and repeatedly “Rundles” on about it on a lot of podcasts he’s been on! i.e. Not a lot of News, Lost in Eve and […]

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