EVE Down Under Show

I had put these guys into the into the Clone Vat Bay a while ago, when they changed the website for netGameRadio (nGR) and the links to the show were gone. Seems I was completely wrong about the show being dead, and on the contrary, RDNx has carried on with the show only being broadcast on the netgameradio.com site’s radio show. Sadly there is no RSS feed, because well its broadcast live on nGR Friday night’s at 9:30pm AEST, which is 1030 EVE time, which is one half hour before EVE Down Time.

To quote the nGR site – The goal in 2013 is to limit the show to one hour in length thus keeping the content topical and relevant, along with providing the opportunity for EVE gamers to listen into the show during EVE Down Time, and just there after as they fleet-up and get ready for their Friday night fix of EVE action.

The shows are recorded so you can still listen if your not up or around at the time of the broadcast!
You can get it here as well as older copies of the original show.

More information can be found here about the show.



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