EVE Fan Site request DENIED!


Hello Rob,

We have received your request to register your EVE Online Fansite “evepodcasts.com”. Thank you for your time and energy to set up this interesting site, we appreciate your efforts in the past.

However, it is currently our policy to not approve fansites which only aggregate content from other sites and do not produce any original content of their own. While we appreciate that the site may be useful, it does not currently contain the amount of original content that qualifies it for our fansite program.

We would like to encourage you to fill your fansite with original content and then to apply again, we gladly would reconsider your site then again. Good luck!

John Kastronis
EVE Online | DUST 514 Community Representative
CCP Games

So in a quest to seek fan site status, we here at evepodcasts.com have failed. Thus the headline. Now, I’m not mad or angry about the mail that I received but I did not like the fact that we are classified as a site that aggregate’s content. I have to totally disagree with that comment. We don’t aggregate any content, we provide a service that the EVEO forums “My Eve” can never do. Which is bring all podcasts into one list, one site, and a rss feed that binds them all for the greater ease of our community. Thanks to Arydanika for the start of it with the eve podpack.

Our site is updated regularly unlike the Eve Fansite page which still has Voices From the Void and Ender Black’s Podgoo sites still as active fan sites! They even have a site that hasn’t been updated since 2010 ( Eve in 2d ), three years and the site is still there. Poetic Disclosure which is Poetic Stanziel’s former fan site which is now just a personal blog from a guy who sold his character in the bazaar and quit the game, but yet still has an active fan site status. Now I am not picking on these sites or people, but rather showing the lack of over site and accuracy of active fan sites in the Eve Community Fan site listings. They are paid a salary to keep their list up to date, unlike us who are doing this for our EVE Online Community.

Oh well, We will continue on track as we did before the denial of fan site status! Who needs it anyways?

aka ChYph3r

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