Fanfest Schedule


Thursday // March 19th


12:00 Opening Keynote: Welcome to Fanfest and the Future of VRCEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson welcomes you to Fanfest and then is joined by others in discussing the future of virtual reality at CCP. Includes an updated look at and information about EVE: Valkyrie and more! Tranquility
13:00 EVE in FrenchEVE is now available in French! We’ll talk about localization, customer support and discuss anything EVE related. Note: this roundtable will be held in French. Rens
Nordic CommunitiesCome join players from the other Nordic countries in a session where we talk about issues specific to this region. If you’re looking for a Nordic corp/alliance or just to share a few Viking war stories, this is the place to be. Dodixie
Little Things, Big MattersDiscuss the “little things”: UI quality-of-life improvements with CCP karkur and CCP Punkturis. Amarr
DUST 514: Collected LearningsJoin the DUST 514 team for an in-depth discussion about community collaboration in development, data-driven balancing, and an overview of the current state of DUST 514; how we got here and where we are going. Jita
A Brutor Guide to Empyrean HealthA “how to” guide for positive mental and physical health for the average game player. How to take control of more than your virtual world and really live life like an immortal. Using the player behind Roc Wieler as an example, this session helps with goal-setting and creating steps for accountability and success for the rest of the year. – Roc Wieler, Stay Frosty. Serenity
Sovereignty 5.0CCP Fozzie looks back at the history of Sovereignty design in EVE, covering the new Sovereignty system coming this Summer, and revealing how you can be one of the first people to try it out! Tranquility
13:25 Pro Space TruckersAn in-depth look at Red Frog Freight includes a breakdown of the serious business of hauling, thoughts on ganking, and the motivations behind moving goods across the stars. – RF Gnaeus Crassus, Red Frog Freight Serenity
14:00 EVE IP DevelopmentLearn about what’s happening in books, comics, ship models and other media for EVE. How do you think we should be expanding the EVE Universe so far? How could we improve? Rens
Art of EVE: The Player PerspectiveJoin members of EVE’s art and graphics team for an open conversation about visual design and its impact on EVE’s gameplay experience. Share your thoughts about how EVE’s look has changed over time and where you’d like to see it go, and hear some of our plans for the future. Amarr
Russian CommunityDo you speak Russian? Come to our roundtable and learn about the latest plans for EVE Online in Russian-speaking countries straight from CCP devs. Note: This roundtable will be held in Russian. Jita
Game Design PanelMeet all the game designers of EVE Online in one place to get their insights on the world of designing and maintaining the vast universe of EVE. Tranquility
15:00 EVE Websites & Master AccountsA chance to meet with and talk to the web team, and discuss all things relating to sites in their care. Rens
Null Sec and Sovereignty 1Open discussion on the future of Nullsec and Sovereignty. This roundtable will be run twice since we expect overwhelming interest. Amarr
The Fitting ExperienceHave a chat with CCP karkur, CCP Sharq and fellow pilots about the in-client fitting experience and CCPs ideas to improve it. Jita
The Most Pivotal Decision in Nullsec HistoryThis presentation will break down the history of what occurred between September and December 2005 as Band of Brothers chose, unprovoked, to invade the southern industrial powerhouse Ascendant Frontier. It will cover the situation leading up to the war, the invasion itself, and the cascading post-war effects which – more than any other single event – shaped the history of nullsec even to this day. – Andrew Groen, author of A History of the Great Empires of EVE Online. Serenity
EVE & DUST 514 Community PanelEVE Online and DUST 514 are defined by our communities. They drive the content in our games and keep them vibrant and living. The Community teams for the games share how we support and develop the community, bridge relations between the players and the developers, and make sure everyone feels awesome! Multiplicity
Meet the ValkyriesThe team representing EVE:Valkyrie at Fanfest introduces itself and goes into further detail on where the game is, where it’s headed and what we´ll cover in the roundtables. The format of the Valkyrie tournament will also be explained and questions from the audience will be answered. Tranquility
15:25 Eve Fan ArtJoin popular EVE Blogger, Pirate and Fan Artist Rixx Javix (Bryan Ward) as he talks about the place EVE Fan Art has in the community and announces several exciting new projects you won’t want to miss. Serenity
16:00 EVE Tech ArtJoin EVE’s Technical Art group for a round-table conversation about how the art of EVE makes its way from the first artist’s concept to your gameplay experience. EVE Tech Art creates the internal tools used to produce content, from validation and publishing to QA tools and creating visual effects. We’ll have an informal introduction to the tools and workflows we use and what it’s like to work with the assets of EVE. Rens
What Customer Support Can Do For YouHave you been bad or nice this year? Come and hang out with Game Masters and find out more what customer support has to offer. Dodixie
Wormholes 1Come discuss the state of Wormhole space, and let us know what you would like to see done in the future! This roundtable will be run twice since we expect overwhelming interest. Amarr
EVE Fan CreationsSit down with Rixx Javix, Andrew Groen and CCP Spitfire to discuss the practical aspects of collaboration between the player creators and CCP. Jita
The Art of War in New EdenThis seminar looks at the theory and doctrine behind modern global warfare and encourages participants to question how much of it is appropriate to wars in EVE Online. We discuss strategy and analyse the thinking of two key figures (Clausewitz and Sun Tzu) and apply their lessons to EVE Online in order to identify how we can look deeper into EVE warfare than merely the tactical levels of killing ships and pods. – Spanky Ikkala, EVE University. Serenity
Cap Boosting Your EVEEver find yourself running low on cap to play EVE? CCP Manifest discusses tips, tricks and habits you can use both inside the client and out of game to really get more out of your EVE experience. Multiplicity
Bro, Do You Even Test?!Join CCP Claymore and CCP Lebowski as they take you through the testing process for an EVE Online feature, from design to release and beyond. Included is a crash course in bug reporting with examples both good and… not so good. Singularity
17:00 EVE Online KeynoteExecutive Producer CCP Seagull and guests present upcoming features, future vision and roadmap, and all the EVE Online news at Fanfest this year, including CSM election results. Tranquility

Friday // March 20th


11:00 Community FansitesDo you run a community Fansite? Interested in making something for everyone? Find out what plans CCP has for the program and come give your Feedback. Rens
The Art of ValkyrieMeet with the artists of Valkyrie and discuss the design of the EVE universe through the eyes of a fighter pilot. Amarr
Null Sec and Sovereignty 2Open discussion on the future of Nullsec and Sovereignty. This roundtable will be run twice since we expect overwhelming interest. Jita
Concept Art Live SessionSee a fragment of the inspired process behind the art of EVE unfold. One of the finest member of the CCP Art Team will take the stage and dive in the deep end of the creative pool, with help from the audience! Singularity
12:00 Player Gatherings CancelledThis sessions is cancelled. To discuss player gathering please attend the ‘Galactic Party Planning Guide‘ on Saturday 11:00 in Round Table room 2 instead Rens
UK CommunityJoin devs and players from the UK to talk about EVE. This is a good opportunity to raise issues specific to the UK. Amarr
Low Sec and Factional WarfareCome chat with us about faction warfare. How is it now? How could it improve? You tell us! Jita
Totally Awesome 3rd Party Dev InfoCCP FoxFour will give a status update on the resources CCP makes available to third-party developers, going over what’s changed in the last year as well as what changes are coming. Serenity
Make EVE Real – Creating Planetary CivilizationsOur planet is not what it used to be. With the advanced technology that mankind wields and has yet to develop, humans have become a major geological force. This suggests that technological intelligence might become a permanent property on Earth and perhaps elsewhere in the universe. Dr. David Grinspoon will present an evolutionary view of the arrival of life and intelligence on planet Earth from the perspective of comparative planetology, and address the question, “how can powerful, world-changing technology be applied toward ensuring – rather than threatening – the survival of a planetary civilization?” Tranquility
13:00 Quality AssuranceJoin Goliath and the QA Department to discuss your theories and questions on Whole Team Quality, Singularity, the QA Booth, public testing in general, and the ISD ECAID (Bug Hunter) program. Rens
Fleet PvPTalk with CCP Rise, CCP Fozzie and others about the state of large fleet PVP with a focus on ships, modules and tools for fleet organization. Amarr
CCP: Behind the ScenesMeet with Sophie Froment, CCP’s SVP of People, and Marina Dögg Pledel Jónsdóttir, CCP’s Talent Acquisition Specialist, for a firsthand view on what life is like for the intrepid souls who serve at CCP’s headquarters. Learn more about CCP’s unique culture, life in the vibrant city of Reykjavik, and how we recruit talent from around the world to join us here at the top of the world. Jita
Google Docs and the EVE APIsSteve Ronuken talks about using the EVE API in Google Docs and some of the custom scripts that he has written to help. Serenity
Crowd Science in EVE OnlineThe EVE Team is working with the Swiss startup Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) and Reykjavik University on the potential of bringing real world science into the EVE game experience. Hear about how you can solve scientific problems in proteomics, malaria diagnosis or exoplanet research, and join the roundtable discussions to give us your feedback. Multiplicity
Survival Guide in Legacy CodeCCP Tuxford goes into details on the dreaded “legacy code of EVE”. How bad is the legacy code issue in EVE Online´s codebase, how did it get this way and what are we doing to fix it. Singularity
14:00 Graphics ProgrammingLearn about the latest tech behind EVE Online’s striking visuals. Roundtable discussion will cover the past, present and future of the engine that drives the beauty of EVE. Rens
Valkyrie Design and AudioAn open forum to chat with the Valkyrie design and audio teams, on topics from ship building to world creation. If that sounds like music to your ears, come on down for a discussion about all things Valkyrie! Amarr
Crowd Science in EVE OnlineThe EVE Team is working with the Swiss startup Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) and Reykjavik University on the potential of bringing real world science into the EVE game experience. Hear about how you can solve scientific problems in proteomics, malaria diagnosis or exoplanet research, and join the roundtable discussions to give us your feedback. Jita
Developing Apps on Google App EngineSalacious Necrosis, creator of EveKit, will talk about using Google App Engine to host EveKit, focusing on the changes that were necessary to run efficiently on App Engine. Serenity
Evolution of the CSMJoin our time travel adventure to learn more about the Council of Stellar Management. Singularity
Ship and Module BalanceCCP Rise and CCP Fozzie look back at changes made in the last year, touch on what is just around the corner and also give status updates on long term plans for ship and module balance. Tranquility
15:00 Ship SKINsDiscussion of the new ship SKIN system Rens
EVE ProductionSit down with the producers working on EVE Online and ask us anything, from our transition to a more frequent release cadence, our Agile development methodologies, internal production and planning tools as well as how we earned the monikers of Grease Monkeys! Amarr
Lowsec and CrimewatchYarr! Come discuss lowsec with us, especially the bits about legality, piracy and general swashbuckling. Jita
Data Science behind EVECCP Quant will give an overview of the vast amounts of data generated on TQ, CCP’s data platform, and the major analytical projects and visualizations that come out of it. Multiplicity
CSM PanelMembers of the 9th Council of Stellar Management review their term and answer questions from the audience. Singularity
15:25 RL vs. EVE JournalismA look behind the screens of EN24 at how news is being reported in EVE and the influence of news on the community. – Bobmon, Habitual Euthanasia Serenity
16:00 Data ScienceTeam Analytics and Data Science will follow up on CCP Quant’s data science presentation, providing additional insights and answering questions regarding stats and the economy in EVE Online. Rens
EVE Streaming CommunitiesTalk with CCP developers and a panel of experienced EVE live streamers including SirSqueebles, Tyrendian Biohazard, Sard Caid, Dantesi Cadelanne and Laztel to discuss how and why to stream, how to develop meaningful and compelling content that attracts, interests, and retains viewers, and how to create a community around your stream. Amarr
Valkyrie EngineeringCome meet some of the programmers working on EVE: Valkyrie and ask them about anything from the backend services to gameplay programming, flight model code to details about the VR implementation. Jita
Zero to HERO: How to be an FCThe story of the rise of a young, newbie bloc Fleet Commander details how one can get started in leadership and how to overcome challenges all the way up to the coalition level. – Blue Ice, Brave Newbies Inc. Serenity
The Future of Spaceship RenderingLead graphic programmer CCP Mankiller and 3D Artist CCP Bunnyvirus will offer a comprehensive presentation detailing the technical and artistic considerations involved in the “V5++” process: an ongoing effort to update the rendering of EVE’s many unique spaceships. This talk will describe the methods of modifying textures and shaders, the intended improvements for the players, and the difficulties of working within the preexisting pipeline’s technical constraints. Singularity
16:25 The Importance of Building RelationshipsHow to maintain important spaceship relationships and facilitate good relationship building among our peers though actions as a cohesive group, with experiences of a 200-person Steam community of EVE noobs. – DGSix Kado, DisturbedGamers Serenity
Worlds CollideTwo teams meet in a live best-of-5 EVE Online PvP series on the main stage of Harpa! One team hails from Tranquility while the other comes from Serenity and these two servers will clash in exciting spaceship battles with commentary and analysis, all with the thunderous applause of you, the live audience. Worlds Collide in Eldborg and you will not want to miss it. Tranquility
21:00 Pub Crawl Downtown

Saturday // March 21st


11:00 Sound, Music and Mood in EveJoin CCP devs for a review of recent audio developments and hear what the future holds for the sound of EVE Online. Rens
Galactic Party Planning GuideFeaturing the players behind the largest EVE player gatherings around the world, this round table is for those looking to discuss EVE player meets or who want advice about organizing or growing their own meetups of any size. Dodixie
Ship and Module Balancing 1Open discussion on the state of ship and module balance in EVE. These are always fun and now we can talk about something besides Ishtars! (maybe) Amarr
Ladies with Laz0rsAn open roundtable session for women gamers to share and discuss their experiences playing EVE. Gentlemen are also welcome! Jita
Confessions of an EVE TrillionaireEver wondered what goes on behind the curtains in Jita, or how people turn 20m into 1t profits ? Here is your chance to have a peek behind the curtains through a personal take and experience of EVEnomics. – Angelica Everstar, Angel Consortium Serenity
From Science Fiction to Science FactA group of capsuleers, who also coincidentally happen to be real-life NASA-affiliated stellar experts, are here to bridge the gap between science fiction and science fact in this panel about all things spaceship related. Singularity
UI Modernization PanelThe EVE UI Modernization project has matured from concept phase to full production. We want to share our plans with you and get your feedback on our recent, current and future UI development. The discussion will include; New UI skin, Overview, New Star Map, Improved Window Management, Ship HUD, Ship Fitting, Tactical View, Ultra HD monitor support among other EVE UI related topics.
11:25 Damnit Jim I’m a Doctor not a CEOAn emergency physician and EVE corporation CEO’s perspectives on team leadership and crisis management in the fluid, 24/7 environment of EVE based on experiences and lessons learned in the Emergency Department – Argus Sorn, Star Frontiers Serenity
12:00 AU TimezoneGather together with fellow players from the best timezone in EVE: the AUTZ. This roundtable is not just for Australians; capsuleers from New Zealand, South East Asia, Japan, Russians from the far east, and friends from around the world are all invited. Come talk about the issues that uniquely affect our TZ and make some new spacefriends. Rens
EVE UIEngage directly with the whole EVE UI group to discuss all things related to EVE UI. We are aiming at making considerable changes to the UI in 2015 so there is a ton of exciting things to discuss and we welcome all input and feedback we can get from the player community. Amarr
Wormholes 2Come discuss the state of Wormhole space, and let us know what you would like to see done in the future! This roundtable will be run twice since we expect overwhelming interest. Jita
Behaving Like a Boss with AIIn the last few months with arrival of the Drifters we have introduced NPCs with new capabilites and behaviors. CCP Frellicus will give an overview of technology behind the new AI system, explain how it works and give some details on the implementation. Singularity
Art & Graphics PanelFollowing the tradition of EVE Fanfest, this Panel will include veterans and more recent contributors from art, technical art, graphics and QA. A unique opportunity to go over the current art and graphics projects, future plans, and to discuss what, why and how. Tranquility
13:00 Story and LoreDiscuss the story and background of EVE Online’s universe with CCP content creators and fellow lore aficionados. Rens
Future of EVEsportsDiscuss the current and future possibilities of organized tournaments in EVE Online, whether it is official CCP tournaments or player run events! Amarr
Valkyrie VRWhat are the challenges of making EVE: Valkyrie a virtual reality game? Come have an open discussion with the developers working on the code, graphics, audio and user experience. Jita
Alliances: From Alpha to OmegaAlpha: How to start an alliance from scratch in the era of megacorporations and coalitions with tips on leadership, building contacts, negotiation and more. Omega: a case study of best practices and recommendations on shutting down an alliance gracefully with lessons from Gentleman’s Agreement, which was one of the ten largest alliances in EVE until it closed in 2014. – Kesper North, GoonWaffe Serenity
Future Vision of StructuresHear about the long-term overhaul to EVE Online structures, like starbases, outposts, deployables, Sov structures and how the new system is going to work. Tranquility
14:00 The ISD Volunteers in ActionAll about the fantastic ISD volunteer program and the incredible work done by ISD. Get an overview from insiders and discover how ISD helped in making EVE as we know it. Learn more about past projects, future initiatives and chat with your friendly volunteers! Rens
FanfestCome have a chat with the Fanfest organizers about the event itself and how we can make it even better! Dodixie
Future of PvE in New EdenA sit down with Team Space Glitter to talk about all things PvE, including Factional Warfare, NPC AI, The Drifters and other NPC Factions, and more. Also a chance to hear about the future vision for PvE and the steps we are taking to make that vision a reality. Amarr
Future Vision of StructuresDiscuss current and future structure system with CCP devs. Jita
Sion’s Guide to Utlitarian RealpolitikCSM9 member and Goonswarm’s head diplomat Sion Kumitomo discusses the little known fundamentals of diplomacy and what it takes to lay the foundation to keep a coalition of tens of thousands of pilots flying towards unified goals. Thoughts on relationship building, practical considerations, organizational structures, pragmatic problem solving, and applied realpolitik. – Sion Kumitomo, GoonWaffe Serenity
Using Science to Help NewbrosCCP Rise covers the results of Team Pirate Unicorns’ recent NPE release and also discusses how testing and data informs decisions in development. Tranquility
15:00 Virtual World OperationsAn AMA (“ask me anything”) with the operators of the virtual world of New Eden. Rens
One Universe // Many languagesEVE speaks many languages! Hear about the process and difficulties in localizing a single-shard universe, get a first glimpse of our upcoming localization projects and discuss what you would like to see in the future. Amarr
New Player ExperienceCome talk with Team Pirate Unicorns about their new player experience work. We would love feedback on changes you have seen and used as well as help planning for the future. Jita
Enriching EVE with Meta InfoWhether you’re a new player or just looking for more outside the client, we’ll take a brief look at why 3rd-party applications have become essential to today’s gameplay with a curation of helpful tools to get you started. – NinjaTurtle, SniggWaffe Serenity
CCP Security – Better Safe Than Sorry!Drop by and get an update on the work of CCP Security. Buzzwords: Botting, RMT, Input-Multiplexing & Broadcasting, Security Awareness and Account Security. Tranquility
15:25 A Year of Provi CSMFrom his home in Providence, corebloodbrothers discusses his perspective on his year in CSM9 and collaborating with CCP. – Corebloodbrothers, Volition Cult Serenity
16:00 CCP Security – Better Safe Than Sorry!In the security roundtable you will have the chance to ask questions regarding the security presentation and about all things security in CCP and EVE Online. Dodixie
The German Community in 2014/15What is going on in the German community? From language-specific in-game support, tutorials, events and localization over forum activities to real life events and gatherings – everything is on the table! Note: This roundtable will be held in German. Amarr
Ship and Module Balancing 2Open discussion on the state of ship and module balance in EVE. These are always fun and now we can talk about something besides Ishtars! (maybe) Jita
Rewriting Old DogmaA technical talk and Q&A about Team Gridlock’s ongoing efforts to refine the in-game attribute calculation engine, and to build the ‘Brain in a Box’ system to improve server performance under heavy loads. Multiplicity
17:00 Closing CeremonyJoin us for a recap of this year’s Fanfest and a look forward to what EVE fans can expect in the next year. Tranquility
20:00 Party on top of the world Harpa

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